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The Sweetheart Bracelet Collection! Choose from 4 different styles

  • Blue Bracelet - Malaysia Jade Beads - Midnight Blue (8mm)
    • Rhinestone round silver spacer beads
  • Silver Bracelet - Silver faceted glass beads (5mm)
    • Rhinestone round silver spacer beads (6mm)
  • Beige Bracelet - Natural Topaz Jade Beads (8mm)
    • Rhinestone round gold spacer beads (8mm)
  • Natural Bracelet- Amazonite frosted beads (6mm)
    • Gold Czech Fire Polished Glass Faceted Round Beads (6mm)

  • Ceramic Heart 
  • Opelon Stretch Fiber

The Sweetheart Bracelet

Color Options
  • Small-Medium are approximately 6.5 - 7 inches in length             
    Medium-Large is approximately 7.0 - 7.5 inches.
    Large-XL is approximately 7.5-8.0 inches.

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